• 10 Set of Auto programs: Refreshing, Comfort, Sleeping, Recovery, Neck & shoulder, Back & Waist, ThaiStretch, Sport, Quick, Deep Massage
  •  SL shape super long massage guide.
  • Air pressure massage for shoulders, arms, hip, calf, and feet.
  • Unique stretching function (Thai style massage).
  • forward Sliding, wall-hugging tech, only 13cm against the wall
  • zero gravity function (keep body feeling in space capsule).
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Technology, for back and seat,
  • Build-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • Auto Body Scan-Tech,
  • Auto Rolling Scraping Tech for Feet
  • HD Digital Menu Controller (TFT)
  • USB charging port.



. Please do not use it in a moist environment to avoid the danger of an electric shock.

. Please do not plug/unplug the power plug with wet hands.

. To avoid electric shock or short circuit do not spill liquid on the machine.

. Please check there is no person, pets, and obstacles near the working massage chair to avoid any injury or mechanical problems.

. If you are pregnant or have any health issues please consult your medical practitioner before using the chair.



*Please read the instructions carefully before the massage.

*Please notice whether there are kids or pets nearby, in case of being hurt, while backrest and calf rest is up-down movement.

*Please don't drag heavily the cable of remote control

*Please don't fall or press the remote controller heavily