• -3 sets of auto massage programs,
  • -3 set manual massage techniques,
  • -knocking, kneading, knocking&kneading
  • -2D manipulator
  • -SL shape massage track
  • -Hip airbags massage
  • -Armrest keyboard shortcut
  • -Seat heating therapy
  • -Bluetooth music speaker
  • -USB charging port for mobile phone
  • -Adjustable manipulator position
  • -Adjustable massage speed










. Please do not use it in a moist environment to avoid the danger of an electric shock.

. Please do not plug/unplug the power plug with wet hands.

. To avoid electric shock or short circuit do not spill liquid on the machine.

. Please check there is no person, pets, and obstacles near the working massage chair to avoid any injury or mechanical problems.

. If you are pregnant or have any health issues please consult your medical practitioner before using the chair.





*Please read the instructions carefully before the massage.

*Please notice whether there are kids or pets nearby, in case of being hurt, while backrest and calf rest is up-down movement.

*Please don't drag heavily the cable of remote control

*Please don't fall or press the remote controller heavily